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One-dimensional dynamics of domain walls in two-layer ferromagnet structure with different parameters of magnetic anisotropy and exchange

Ekomasov Е.G.
Murtazin R.R.
Bogomazova O.B.
Gumerov A.M.
One-dimensional non-linear dynamics of domain walls (DW) under the influence of external constant magnetic field in a two-layer ferromagnet with different values of magnetic anisotropy and exchange parameters in the layers is theoretically studied in the article. Using analytical methods a motion equation for the DW centre coordinate, its stationary velocity after transition from one layer to another and its minimum velocity necessary for DW transition from one layer to another are found. It is shown that for the case of small defects, the results obtained analytically are well coordinated with the numerical ones.
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J. Magn. Magn. Mater.
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