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Interaction of a pair of impurities and kinks in the sinegordon equation

Ekomasov E.G.
Gumerov A.M.
The kink dynamics of the sine-Gordon equation is studied in the model of the localized spatial modulation of the periodic potential. A case of two identical areas (or impurities) of the spatial modulation of the periodic potential is considered. It is shown that observing the collective effects of impurity influence is possible and depends on the distance between the impurities. A definite critical value of impurity distances causing two quite different ways of the dynamic kink behavior is demonstrated. The structure and properties of three-kink solutions of the sine-Gordon equation in the impurity area are studied.
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Key Technologies in Polymer Chemistry (eds. N.D. Morozkin, V.P. Zakharov, G.E. Zaikov)
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